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Download Bluestacks for PC to run android apps

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Use 750,000 Mobile Apps on Windows or Mac

Get Bluestacks for Windows from the following link

Get Bluestacks for Mac from the following link


At the heart of BlueStacks is a multi-OS runtime with breakthrough virtualization technology. Apps developed for different operating systems can execute simultaneously, side-by-side, on the same computer.
BlueStacks employs a lightweight, optimized, soft hypervisor with deep enhancements to support "embedded virtualization". End consumers can enjoy the full Android environment through BlueStacks, or just install Android app icons directly on the Windows desktop. As is the case with any advanced technology, the complexity is completely masked from the end consumer.
The BlueStacks user interface is fully configurable. In addition, BlueStacks can integrate with the custom software experiences designed and developed by PC manufacturers.

Base OS can be Windows, Android, Chrome or LinThe current release of BlueStacks supports Android running on Windows. As the architecture diagram indicates, the BlueStacks virtualization technology can very easily support different permutations and combinations of operating systems and their applications. Some examples include:

• Android on Windows (for x86):

Run Android on Windows simultaneously and seamlessly with the current release of BlueStacks

• Android on Windows (for ARM):

Run Android on Windows on ARM architectures starting with the Windows 8 release

• Android on Chrome OS (for x86):

Run Android apps in a browser tab to augment the app experience in Chrome OS

• Windows on Android (for x86):

Run Windows on Android, boot into Android for faster startup and longer battery life

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